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I am a researcher and Post-Doc at the University of Hohenheim, Germany.

My research focus lies in macroeconomics and in the intersection of macroeconomics and labor economics. One of my main research areas is business cycle analysis. Currently, I am also interested in the macroeconomic implications of global value chains and technical change.

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A New Sectoral Unit Labour Cost Indicator Based on Global Value Chains (with Thomas Beissinger). Applied Economics Letters, 29(13), 1152–1157, 2022.

A Class of Periodic Trend Models for Seasonal Time Series (with Tommaso Proietti and Gian Luigi Mazzi). Journal of Forecasting, 38, 106–121, 2019.

Illuminating the World Cup Effect: Night Lights Evidence from South Africa (with Gregor Pfeifer and Fabian Wahl). Journal of Regional Science, 58(5), 887–920, 2018.

  1. Companion document: List of projects in South Africa 2004 - 2013
  2. Media coverage:

A Data-Cleaning Augmented Kalman Filter for Robust Estimation of State Space Models (with Tommaso Proietti and Stefano Grassi). Econometrics and Statistics, 5, 107-123, 2018.

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Working Papers and Other

Technical Change, Task Allocation, and Labor Unions (with Thomas Beissinger and Franziska Brall). IZA Discussion Paper No. 15632, 2022.

Divergence in Labour Force Growth: Should Wages and Prices Grow Faster in Germany? (with Thomas Beissinger and Joel Hellier). IZA Discussion Paper No. 13538, 2020.

Competitiveness at the Country-Sector Level: New Measures Based on Global Value Chains (with Thomas Beissinger). IZA Discussion Paper No. 11499, 2018. Revise & Resubmit in The World Economy

SPECTRAN, a Set of Matlab Programs for Spectral Analysis (with Víctor Gómez). FZID Discussion Paper No. 60, 2012.

Maßnahmen zur Förderung der Chancengleichheit sowie Frauen in Führungspositionen in baden-württembergischen Betrieben (with Günther Klee). IAW-Kurzbericht No. 5, December 2009.


This Matlab toolbox provides a collection of functions for spectral analysis. The special feature of SPECTRAN is its user-friendliness.

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